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Precision in every step.

Practice-oriented and economic solutions take centre stage in all our developments. This guarantees the best possible production result for you

Professional results from 8 mm to 200 mm Edges.

With numerous aggregates and extras, our machines deliver professional results and stand for the best manufacturing quality of your products.

Reliable service for your edge banding machine.

For we are on the spot if you have any problems. Our service team will be right by your side to assist you from bringing into service to the point of trainings.

We have been dealing with top quality edge banding machines for a long time.

Our expertise is not only based on our competence and experience concerning the development of edge banding machines but is also predicated on loyalty, faithfulness and reliability!

Professional woodworking companies count on Lange-Maschinenbau. We pass on all our advantages to you and always offer the right edge banding machines for your needs. Our machines are developed especially for the daily use in handicraft and industry. Consequently Lange edge processing machines stand for practice-oriented and economic solutions which guarantee the best possible production result for you.

For best results in the long run – that is what the robust edge banding machines from Lange stand for.
Being a family-run company, Lange Maschinenbau has been one of the top players in the development and assembly of edge banding machines in North-Rhine Westphalia for more than 30 years and still is.

As far as production is concerned, we are exclusively making machine for small and medium-sized joineries and carpenter’s workshops, requiring full power and top performance apart from a compact size. Immediate powerful performance combined with competent consulting and service – the best conditions for a long partnership.

Benni Lange 2022 k

Benjamin Lange
Managing director

Lange – so you can enjoy your machine as long as possible.

Schreinerei Saitner

Siegfried Saitner Joinery

Clearly enhanced production quality

We have been a happy customer of Lange and very satisfied with the Lange B 85 KF for many years before we decided to change over to the B 90 KFE. The new machine enabled us to clearly enhance our production quality once more and we are more than happy with both quality and service. We look forward to a successful partnership with Lange for many years to come.

Joinery  Saitner, D-88450 Berkheim

Referenzen Burgbacher

Joinery Burgbacher

Excellent machine, excellent service

Purchasing the edge banding machine B90 KFE from Lange saved us a lot of problems we have had for years with a competitor’s machine. It is plain to see that Lange knows what they are doing and that they only sell machines they really know. Consulting and service are excellent. In case of problems, assistance comes quick and uncomplicated by phone or via What’s App. Lange offers great value for money and we are completely satisfied with that so we can really recommend their machines.

Joinery Burgbacher, D-75328 Schömberg

Referenzen Holmeier

Holzmeisterei Holmeier

Pure efficiency

We, Holzmeisterei Daniel Holmeier e.K., have been working with Lange Maschinenbau since 2007. We used the B70K until spring 2017 and then switched over to the B 90 KFE and we have been very happy with this machine to date. One of the crucial reasons to buy another machine from Lange was the good contact in line with the great advisory service when we purchased the machine. The team is always ready to help if we have any questions on the machine. Buying the B 90 KFE enabled us to considerably increase our productivity and to achieve perfect quality.

Holzmeisterei Holmeier, D-93495 Weiding

Long names
in a nutshell

Our model structure


Edge banding machine with
glue application system

B85K Lange Kantenanleimmaschine Rueck B85K Lange Kantenanleimmaschine Rueck
B90K Lange Kantenanleimmaschine Rueck B90K Lange Kantenanleimmaschine Rueck
B100K Lange Kantenanleimmaschine Rueck B100K Lange Kantenanleimmaschine Rueck


Edge banding machine with
glue application system
pre milling unit

B85KF Lange Kantenanleimmaschine Rueck B85KF Lange Kantenanleimmaschine Rueck
B90KF Lange Kantenanleimmaschine Rueck B90KF Lange Kantenanleimmaschine Rueck
B100KF Lange Kantenanleimmaschine rueck B100KF Lange Kantenanleimmaschine rueck


Edge banding machine with
glue application system
pre milling unit
corner rounding unit

B85KFE Lange Kantenanleimmaschine Rueck B85KFE Lange Kantenanleimmaschine Rueck
LMB B90KFE rueckansicht LMB B90KFE rueckansicht
B100KFE Lange Kantenanleimmaschine rueck B100KFE Lange Kantenanleimmaschine rueck