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Let your machine live long and prosper!

At Lange, the maintenance and cleaning of the gluing units of your edge banding machine is in good hands.

Lange has specialized in the cleaning and maintenance of glue components, glue applications and pre-melting units.

Continuous service, maintenance and cleaning of the gluing unit is essential to guarantee failure-free production processes. It is the basis of a high and reliable availability of your production plants as is reduces downtimes and thus saves costs. In order to reduce and/or eliminate downtimes, we offer you our preventive maintenance service.

A continuous first-quality service that pays. We check your unit mechanically, electrically and pneumatically to be able to identify, at an early stage, which parts have to be replaced. That way, we guarantee failure-free production and a perfect processing environment for you and your business.

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Our service includes
Complete disassembly (if necessary)
Cleaning of all parts
Check-up of all mechanical parts, e.g. for wear and tear
Check-up of all electrical parts for correct functioning
Change of defective parts (e. g. bearings, bushings, sealings, heating elements)
Teflon coating or heat-resistant finish
Full re-assembly
Function test
Homag Verleimteil zerlegt LMB
IMA 1 Liter LMB
Homag Q34 Hoch mit neuer Teflonbesichtung 1
Leimbecken Brandt 1
Homag Q50 1
Homag Q50 2

Disassembled gluing unit from Homag

IMA 1 Liter

Homag Q34 Hoch mit neuer Teflonbesichtung

glue pot Brandt

Homag Q50

Homag Q50

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