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Contour edge banding machine

Contour edge banding machine up to 140 mm Work piece thickness, Pre-melting unit for EVA and PUR hotmelt, Speed from 2,5 – 12m/min, Quick change glue pot, Glue pot and glue roller teflon coated, Standby function, Guilltotine cutting max. 615mm², tilting machine table up to 45° and digital length counter.
  • Technical Data
  • Workpiece thickness
    10 – 140 mm
  • Edging thickness
    0,4 – 3,0 mm (5,0mm abhängig vom Kantenmaterial)
  • Electrical connection
    400V, 50 Hz , 3Ph
  • Total load
    5,8 kW
  • Feed speed
    2,5 – 12 m/min
  • Air connection
    6 Bar
  • Weight – nett
    500 kg
  • Working height
    approx. 875 mm
  • Internal radius
    min. 20 mm
  • Glue pot capacity
    2 kg
  • Space required
    approx.. 1800 x 1000 x 1400 mm without turntable

Basic equipment and optional finishing units

Basic Features

Basic Features

High-rigidity, electrically welded machine frame
The machine has a compact design, is versatile and user friendly
Suction with Ø 80 mm connector
The machine features a new, patented worktable which grants smooth panel sliding and extremely flexible edging without using jigs
Sliding on nylon blocks grants flawlessness and perfect cleaning of the panel melamine surfaces
Cardan-shaft transmission directly connected to the glue spreading roller, protected by a torque limiter
Adjustable side and upper edging guides
Adjustable edging guide on the gluing roller
Revolving roll edging holder Ø 500 mm
Built-in electrical cabinet with main switch
The control panel is placed in a very convenient and functional position, together with machine start and control pushbuttons
Machine control is granted by a 3,5″ colour touch screen PLC placed in a very convenient and functional position; all functions such as program change, temperature variation, working speed and unit enabling are easily accessible
The B590K-PUR is designed for edge banding of straight panels with straight profile, for concave and convex curves with minimum concave curve radius 20 mm
Edge shearing system up to 3 mm with electronic millimetre counter (encoder), with three working options, manual for workpieces with different dimensions, automatic or automatic with self-learning function (patent) for large-sized workpieces
Slow-down areas can be pre-set by a simple pressing of the supplied pedal, to help the operator during gluing on critical areas (curves), thus obtaining a better gluing
New design gluing unit with forefront technical features
Glue tank capacity 2 kg with original Dupont® complete Tefloncoating granting the best working conditions both with PU glues or EVA hot melt glues
Integrated programmable stand-by function to control automatic temperature reduction after a non-use period, stops glue spreading roller revolving and reduces power consumption whilst preserving glue technical features
Installed power is 2,4 kW, equipped with quick release system for easy maintenance, heated glue roller with dedicated temperature control and long life system (patent pending) in order to reduce extraordinary glue tank maintenance to the minimum
ELECTRONIC MILLIMETRE COUNTER WITH INVERTER: For the automatic control of the PVC shear unit, allows setting of the requested edge length by means of a PLC equipped with bi-directional encoder. In case of edging of particularly difficult parts with concave and convex curves, the operator can use the self-learning function in order to slow down edging speed on the most critical points. By means of a pedal, the operator can save up to 15 slowdown areas. After the first panel has been finished, when machining all the next panels with the same shape, the machine automatically slows down in the pre-set areas, thus improving product quality and operator working conditions.
3 MM SHEAR: For roll edging shearing up to 3 mm thickness, equipped with fixed coil holder Ø 800 mm. MAXIMUM CUTTING SECTION with standard configuration: 435 mm²; MAXIMUM CUTTING SECTION with accessory no. 17: H= 200: up to 615 mm².
0°÷45° TILTING WORK TABLES: Height adjustable, with anti-darkening and antiwear treatment
EDGE GUIDE ON RUBBER ROLLER: Height adjustable upper edge guide on rubber gluing roller
HEATED GLUE POT ROLLER: with heating element of adequate power, electronic temperature control with 2nd thermostat
TEFLON COATED GLUE TANK: For easy glue tank cleaning and replacement
AUTOMATIC TEMPERATURE REDUCTION: Automatic temperature reduction with pre-settable timer to reduce glue temperature during machine stand-by

PIN ROLLER: Loading device for PVC/ABS 3 mm edging (Ø 40 H 50 hole Ø15)
GLUING ROLLER Ø20: To carry out edging with minimum radius R=10
ELECTROPNEUMATIC PRE-MELTING UNIT – patented: With grain glue 4 kg tank with level sensor. It grants constant glue quantity and temperature both in small and large consumption conditions. Ideal if combined with the double spreading glue tank.
SLIDING CARRIAGE: Sliding carriage to machine panels up to 3000 mm long. Handling during machining and return of the machined panel to the loading/unloading position
is automatic. Equipped with universal adjustable panel locking system to suit to panel shape and length. Once the panel has been positioned, a pneumatic system locks it and allows carrying out the subsequent machinings.
MOTORIZED DRIVING MECHANISM (patented): Feeding unit that allows obtaining higher pressure of the panel against the gluing roller. Roller motorization is transmitted by the gluing roller, so that synchronization between the two rollers is maintained in case of machine speed variation, thus avoiding any phase shift between the two rollers and loss of time. The unit can be vertically and longitudinally adjusted,can be jointed in two points, thus permitting head turning by 0° to 180° with respect to the gluing roller. Pneumatic cylinder for unit raise and fall.
SUPPORTING BARS WITH STEEL BALLS: Height-adjustable steel bar with a rangeof steel balls,can be fitted on the worktable to support large-sized straight and curved panels.
WORK HEIGHT 200 MM: With glue tank, shear, edging guide and glue roller height increase. H=200 mm


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